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In Ukraine, the bourgeoisie has launched against the workers, a terrible offensive of hunger, death and desolation like the one which the people of both Palestine and Syria suffers. The crisis of capitalism has led to the collapse of weakest links in the global economy as it has happened in Ukraine and in front of the threat of the proletarian revolution, the financial capital has put on its feet the fascism that has been gaining influence over broad petty-bourgeois masses since the beginning of the global crisis. Supported in these, the “Svoboda” party with their “Right Sector” militias front headed a fascist insurrection “Pro-European” which conducted to the overthrow of the “pro Russian” Bonapartist Government of Yanukovich and the imposition of a fascist transition regime. Continuing its policy but in redoubled form, imperialism is over-indebting Ukraine and is imposing an unbridled privatisation in favour of transnational corporations, liquidation of wage because of inflation, increase in the price of gas, dismissals and a police and fascist repression against the workers organizations.

Paralyzed by their peaceful leaderships, the Ukrainian proletariat has responded belatedly to this declaration of war launched by financial capital, mobilizing and storming the municipalities and arsenals in the Russian-speaking East of the country, putting on its feet revolutionaries militias.  Footsoldiers are deserting to join the ranks of the revolution while working class families from the East block the routes and confront the fascists to prevent their children die on behalf of the “anti terrorist” dirty campaign of Government. The Russian bourgeoisie on the other hand, while sent military agents to contain the uprising, pressed to Putin to recover Crimea and then to negotiate its return in exchange for that the border Ukraine is not integrated into NATO, all in order to protect their slice of the imperialist plunder. Kiev rejected the offer but agreed with Moscow and the “pro-Russian” bourgeoisie of Ukraine to legitimize the regime of fascist transition with fraudulent elections in which came out winning the millionaire Poroshenko, expressing an important change in the correlation of forces after the disaster of the fascist massacre of Odessa and the extraordinary revolutionary response of the proletariat Ukrainian, only comparable to the Spain of 36.

Poroshenko is the negotiator face of imperialist offensive in Ukraine with fascism in the “shadows of power” while it lead ministries and direct battalions of militiamen which are sowing terror and death in the Eastern Russian-speaking population, while entire working-class neighborhoods are bombarded as in both Palestine and Syria. The fraudulent campaign around the tragedy of the Malaysian aircraft, fallen in war zone, is in order to justify these crimes. However, imperialism in pact with Putin and the “pro-Russian” bourgeoisie of the East also has a policy to contain and disorganize the inside of the anti-fascist revolutionary front of proletariat. It has put on its feet “popular” bourgeois republics while the Communist Party (CP) “pro-Russian” exercise government positions in a classic counter-revolutionary policy of Popular Front that as it happened in Spain, aims to save private property and lead the anti-fascist resistance finally to defeat. This is its true essence, no matter if it declares nationalizations (always bourgeois) or if its Constitution defend the right to abortion (always formal). Because of its political support to these counter-revolutionary Governments, Stalinism is responsible also for the loss of Slavyansk and the blind alley where is the Ukrainian Socialist Revolution.

The armed proletariat does not have why support a Government formed by the political parties of the “pro-Russian” bourgeoisie and the military agents of Putin, butcher of both the Chechen and Georgian. Proletariat should pave the way to its own power, calling the revolutionary general strike, putting on its feet mainly to the exploited and oppressed of the capital. Although the fascist offensive with NATO in the rearguard, obliges to revolutionary vanguard to provisionally support their rifles on the shoulders of the “Union of People’s Republics” and Russian army in Crimea, it does not force to give them the slightest political support like CP does as part of Government of bourgeoisie and organizations like Borotda out of it. And it is just struggling with methods of proletarian revolution is possible to defeat fascism: occupying the mines to provide explosives putting on its feet workers committees, taking the food factories, the latifundia and shopping malls to hold the battle front, imposing workers control of production, expropriating without compensation mines, steelworks and mansions of Rinat Ajmétov and all the enslaving oligarchy of Ukraine and Crimea.

Thus It paves the way for the revolutionary seizure of power and the conquest of Socialist Republics of the exploited of the city and countryside, the only ones which can guarantee the right of national self-determination for the Russian-speaking and non-Russian-speaking oppressed of Ukraine as well as for the Crimean Tatars. Evidently, the most convenient is their federal unification but by its own choice and not by imposition of imperialism and reformism at its service. And this battle is not and can’t be national: must wake up to the powerful Russian proletariat that in Crimea has already raised, must join revolutionary resistance of the peoples of Palestine and Syria, the struggles of European proletariat against the Governments of the Troika and fascism, the struggle of the exploited and oppressed of semi-colonies and metropolis. It is what have understood the revolutionary volunteers who have come from Europe and also Russia to fight fascism with their Ukrainian class brothers. It is what the revolutionary proletariat of the East reclaims against the will of its leaderships: “We, the residents of Donbas, fight against all manifestations of Nazism and Fascism. We fight with weapons in hand, for our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  We have nowhere to retreat – this is our land!  We appeal to you, the workers of the European countries, asking for your help and solidarity: help us break the stronghold of fascism in Ukraine.  This will be our common victory!” (Independent Donetsk Miners’ Trade Union 7-15-2014).

However, the European proletariat is still hands and legs tied by its reformist leaderships, some of them openly supporting the fascist Maidan, and others supporting counter-revolutionary Popular Front of Strelkov and the escaped Pushilin. The international Social democracy, stained by a century of betrayals, again is at feet of imperialist bourgeoisie, maintaining myth of the “revolutionary” Maidan, silencing or justifying massacres as Odessa and supporting from the left the “anti terrorist” offensive of Kiev. trade union bureaucrats as Volynko from Donbas, support openly the battalions of fascism, while others such as Volynest of Kryviy Rih argue that “the main enemy is the Russian capital”, both members of the Tymoshenko’s party. And on this bureaucracy are supported fraudulent organizations such as “Left Opposition”, the unofficial Ukrainian section of all “pro-European” international pseudo-Trotskyism. Thus we see as the IWL-FI says that fascism directed workers militias during the Maidan, as if it was a reformist leadership, while the English SWP calls to turn the weapons “against Washington and Moscow”, as if we were facing an inter-imperialist war.

The International Stalinism meanwhile, from the most pacifist eurocommunists to the most chatterbox Maoists, is sustaining the counter-revolutionary role that the Ukrainian CP is playing as in Parliament of the fascist Kiev (until his recent expulsion), as in the bourgeois Government of Donbas. While Borotda, as public fraction to the left of CP, is supporting by outside of Government, the reactionary policy of the Popular Front, under the classical Stalinist scheme of “two-stage revolution” This Reformist Party also has become a sort of undeclared section of “pro-Russian” International pseudo-Trotskyism.  Organizations such as “the Fifth International” and Castro-Chavists as Alan Woods, openly defend it. The incurable pacifists of the PTS denounced the Maidan as reactionary, but brand of “separatists” to workers militias from the East in order to avoid any commitment to the revolutionary civil war. In this way, because to its betrayals, the “Pro-European” and “pro-Russian” reformist left is accomplice in the war of extermination that Ukrainian people are suffering.

For an International Committee of workers organizations without any other political agreement but a joint action in defence and assistance of the revolutionary anti-fascist resistance of the Ukrainian proletariat! The reformist leaderships in Europe, United States and Russia should break with its social-imperialist policy and respond with actions to the call of unions of Donbas!

Down with the fascist transition regime and the counter-revolutionary pact between imperialism, NATO, Putin and the Russian oligarchy! Down with the bourgeois republics of the East and the politics of Popular Front that holds them! Down the Russian military occupation of the Crimea!

For the restoration of socialism in all former Soviet countries under democratic workers States supported by self organization and arming of the proletariat!!

Long live the struggle of the exploited of Palestine and Syria, one fight with the Ukrainian people! By the destruction of the State of occupation of Israel, military apparatus of Yankee imperialism!

Against the sectarianism and opportunism: Re-found the fourth international!


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