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Klitschko (UDAR), Kerry (USA), Poroshenko and Tyahnybok (Svoboda) Russian-speaking Donetsk militiamen massacred by fascism.

“The regime is now seeking to settle coup after coup, always measuring the correlation of forces, always considering it does not count the Russian-speaking middle class in……To the pact with the Russian-speaking oligarchy to mediate with the masses of the East, the pact with Putin joins when the imperialism has already provisionally granted the positions taken on Ukrainian territory. The agreement includes the postponement of Donetsk separatist referendum question that has been rejected by the masses sectors also want to continue fighting the government of Kiev, demonstrating that the “pro-Russian” field is riddled with contradictions …….We then have a transition regime, subject to conflicting forces, with a strong tendency to consolidate one fully fascist …… The most likely thing is the cancellation of the elections of May 25 and its transformation into a true fascist plebiscite ……The anti-communist massacre of Odessa and expulsion PC from parliament a few days ago are pointing to it. Again the sages of metaphysics offended expect a perfect scenario where fascism took power in one coup or do it gradually and linearly without zigzags, retreats or internal conflicts…… Meanwhile, the proletariat has not yet said its last word at all, still is fighting and also mobilizing the advanced workers of Europe and the world.

This is what we wrote on May 9 in “Prospectsfor an open situation”of our booklet “The Truth about Crisis in Ukraine. Nowwe see how our predictionshave been confirmed with each new event. Against criminal illusions of parliamentary reformism, we argue that the electoral circusMay 25 was a bloody plebiscite to legitimize the transition regime imposed with fascist insurrection Maidan. Carefully measuring the correlation of forces, the regime has now brought to the fore his Bonapartist agents as sends his fascist militias to accompany its military offensive against the heroic masses of the East. The massacre of Odessa sought to chasten the Russian-speaking exploited, drive them back, to later finish annihilate. However, the anti-fascist movement has not only resisted heroically but radicalized, leading to consecutive failures each “final and decisive” attack of the regime. This has forced imperialism to retreat and consolidate intermittent counter-revolutionary pact which has been setting with the pro-Russian bourgeois camp, putting at the head of the regime of transition to a Bonapartist agent promises to discipline “political extremes”, and speaks of “conciliation” between the Russian-speaking and the non-Russian-speaking, as the army bombards the anti-fascist “extremism” from the hand of Right Sector and “Donbass Battalion”.

The masses of the East have received during these days of “electoral spring”, the wintry chill of death at the hands of the regime’s military offensive that has claimed the lives of hundreds of militiamen, brutal slaughter that has far exceeded that of Odessa: “The anti-terror operation in Donetsk will continue until all the terrorists will be destroyed or until they surrender”, said Alexei Dmitrashkovsky, the military spokesman for Kiev’s government. This is the meaning of the political consensus in support of Poroshenko, the winning candidate holding this new war trick of the transitional regime. Now Right Sector and Svoboda announce a possible merger of their organizations, an issue that confirms our analysis fully and finishes scupper all the stupidities of the pro-European Left about an alleged “moderate” and “parliamentary” Svoboda. Simultaneously, in the European elections, the “extreme right” also came out triumphant with fascist as Golden Dawn ranking as the third political force in Greece, which is also the first destination of Ukrainian migration. The proletarian revolution and fascist counter-revolution face each other again on the morass of the profound crisis of the capitalist mode of production.

Finally, the reformist left still playing the same counter-revolutionary role that we have clearly defined in our document in early May. The pro-European Left has stained itself with blood and shame to continue supporting the fascist transition regime silencing or justifying massacres like Odessa or Donetsk, while the pro-Russian Left led by the PC is deepening its crisis to unmask his cowardly pacifism and servility to Putin pact against the heroic armed resistance of the anti-fascist Eastern masses, isolated and betrayed by all the world’s reformist Left. These are just some axes for the new article we are preparing for the currently open situation in Ukraine and will be published shortly, along with our final controversy with mayor currents of the international pseudo-Trotskyism, real shadow of Stalinism.

Long live the armed resistance of the anti-fascist exploited of East, for self-organization and armament of the mining proletariat!

Down with the fascist transition regime and its pact and reactionary offensive against the Russian-speaking and non-Russian speaking proletariat! Out of Ukraine the counter-revolutionary bases and troops of Putin!

It addresses the proletariat and break their submission to the oligarchy and imperialism and immediately put up a great anti-fascist and revolutionary worker front of all the exploited from Lviv and Kiev to Donetsk and Crimea!

By sending international workers brigades to fight fascism and Putin troops from Greece, Spain, Russia, Libya and from all corners where the exploited starve!

For the right to national self-determination for the Russian-speaking and non-Russian speaking exploited of Ukraine under a Socialist and Democratic Workers’ State!


…Extracted from our Press – “Proletarian Internationalism” . This text also include a part of a Chapter of our Book – “THE THRUTH ABOUT THE CRISIS ON UKRAINE”

One of the pillars of the “radical” policy of reformism about fascism is to liquidate any serious attempt to Marxist definition of this form of bourgeois reaction. Supported in this, reformism can sink in their ideological swamp the revolutionary program of the proletariat against fascism. Thus, without a precise definition, fascist insurrection can be confused with the proletarian revolution, because in both cases it is formally an “armed uprising of the masses”. Similarly, a fascist militia can be confused with a simple band of mercenaries, because both are “gunmen financed by capital”. A fascist “coup” can be confused with a Bonapartist coup, because in both cases it has the form of “a military uprising in the interest of the bourgeoisie”. Finally, fascism can be confused with reformism, because both are ultimately “political organizations at the service of capital”. Thanks to this criminal confusionism, Stalinism could disarm the proletariat against fascism in Poland and Germany consummating a betrayal of historical and universal implications. Now we see how the IWL-FI of Nahuel Moreno, follows with some amendments the Stalinist manual on how to deal with fascism or rather how capitulate. So, while It calls “democratic revolution” to the fascist insurrection of Maidan, now says “Oplot”, a lumpen martial arts club, is a fascist party of pro-Russian camp. No less despicable is petty-bourgeois confusionism of the pro-Russian and Argentinian “Workers Socialist Party” (PTS), fails to call things by their name to avoid revolutionary obligations that implies, pretending with this to protect its electoral bubble from devastating critique of Trotskyism. However, for Ukraine the national question is also essential and is closely related to the question of fascism.

 UKRAINE AND THE NATIONAL QUESTION (From “The Truth about Crisis in Ukraine”)

Ukraine today is a nation constituted in turn by two nationalities: the “large minority” of the Russian-speaking east and south, and the non-Russian speaking majority of central and west (including small national minorities such as tartar). We have already noted that the Russian-speaking minority increased significantly for decades, as a result of the Stalinist policy of Russification. Under its bureaucratic rule, Stalinism transformed the USSR into a real prison of nations: “Nowhere did restrictions, purges, repressions and in general all forms of bureaucratic hooliganism assume such murderous sweep as they did in the Ukraine in the struggle against the powerful, deeply-rooted longings of the Ukrainian masses for greater freedom and independence. To the totalitarian bureaucracy, Soviet Ukraine became an administrative division of an economic unit and a military base of the USS”. (Trotsky, Problem of Ukraine). The Russian Stalinist bureaucracy exerted its dominance and oppression of Ukraine through the Russian-speaking nomenclature for this country. This meant that some were more equal than others and that their nationalities were assigned different categories if the Russian citizen could be considered of first category and the Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizen of second category, the Stalinist bureaucracy reserved the third category for the non-Russian speaking in Ukraine. Above them, the worst national oppression fell. The restoration of capitalism has not solved this situation at all but has worsened to the extreme: bureaucratic oppression of Russia on Ukraine was replaced by the imperialist oppression of these two nations and through the pact with the Ukrainian bureaucracy that mutate into bourgeoisie, oppression of the Russian-speaking Ukrainians on the non-Russian speaking worsened, because now the old bureaucratic privileges were transformed into multimillionaire profits, while the living conditions of the workers were sunk and the non-Russian speaking took the brunt, especially in the country. The new Ukrainian bourgeoisie acted as sepoy of imperialist domination but for the most backward masses was the same Russophile caste in power. The Russian-speaking exploited by contrast, were becoming aware of the oppression of imperialism on Ukraine and in particular on their nationality, as the U.S. and Germany have always promoted the anti-Russian xenophobia from the pro-European bourgeois camp. In fact just like Stalin massacred and especially non-Russian speaking masses, Hitler did the same with the Russian-speaking masses and these events are sealed with blood in the historical consciousness of the exploited of Ukraine for generations. It is then two aspects of the same national question for Ukraine: the right to national self-determination of the non-Russian speaking and Russian-speaking exploited relative to European and Yankee imperialism. The role of the reformist Left is to claim only one aspect and ignore the other, rebuilding on the Ukrainian proletariat another “Berlin Wall” counter-revolutionary. On this basis it is politically subordinate the proletariat to one camp or another of the bourgeoisie. But the counter-revolutionary role against the proletariat they are playing internationally, covering up on the Ukrainian question, doing revision of the Marxist program for the national question and completely disarming them in the face the rise of fascism, particularly acute question in Greece and therefore in Europe and worldwide impact.

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